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Dior without armrests Transparent – Polycarbonat


“Timeless airiness and Italian quality”

Fragile to look and solid at the same time, these are plastic Ghost chairs.

  • style and elegance
  • airiness
  • Translucent scratch-resistant polycarbonate
  • attractive price
  • soft or hard seat cushion as additional assortment


Dior without armrests – modern style chairs

If you haven’t tried sitting on the Dior chairs yet, which are among the graceful achievements of this time, it’s time to do so. Their designers have found inspiration in the Rococo era and today they beautify historical rooms, wedding halls, alternative theatres, galleries and other social spaces by their pomposity.

Chairs with lightweight pompous features

Dior Chairs are different from all other chairs. They are designed among others by famous designer Philippe Starck and although they are armrests version, they enjoy their popularity everywhere they appear. Convenient design chairs Dior made of transparent polycarbonate plastic form in rococo style are the bravest example of chairs in the world. Thanks to their crystalline appearance, the Diors are stable and resistant to shocks as well as to adverse weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor events, and their stackability up to six chairs. The designer has combined the elements of elegance and irony so that the Dior Chairs can be placed in the common areas as well as the family home.

Sitting on the delicate Rococo beauty without armrests

Sitting on a branded chair, whether it’s Dior, Chiavari, etc. at a social event, reflects a modern style and is currently “IN.” People need change and are looking for experiences. If a social event is being held for which many people are invited, the Dior Chairs without armrests will be the ideal solution, even for the sake of space, as we put more chairs in the room without armrests.

The Dior chair is a modern seat that is not yet well established in our market. They are still in the discovery phase in Slovakia, but it is quite certain that their success will not wait long because of their charm.

Fragile, yet strong and comfortable

At first glance, it might seem that only small people can sit on the Dior Chair. They look fragile, but in reality, they are stable and solid chairs suitable also for “strongmen”, thus they easily carry even larger types of people. The royal style is enhanced by a comfortable round backrest, while the linear-geometric seat includes a modern style. If this “fragile beauty” comes with a cushion to get even more comfortable seating, it can easily happen that your guests seated in the Dior chairs will not want to leave the social event.


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