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Dior with armrests Transparent – Polycarbonat

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Fragile to look and solid at the same time, these are plastic Dior chairs.

  • style and elegance
  • airiness
  • Translucent scratch-resistant polycarbonate
  • attractive price
  • soft or hard seat cushion as additional assortment


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Dior with Armrests –

Chairs in which you lean back comfortably

The name “Dior” has now been acquired by an elegant chair that was made in rococo style and historic places, galleries, classy restaurants, theatres, and social rooms today, bringing the atmosphere of the times of Louis XV.

Timeless design

Contemporary French designer Philippe Starck understood how he could revive a three-century design by applying the creativity of Europeans in recent years.

Starck has used plastics in an innovative way to make a chair, which means that the chair was made of a single transparent piece of moulded polycarbonate. Then the backrests were put on it, and today, the exclusive Dior chair, a creation of this innovative designer, can be tested by everyone.

The chair construction follows the “classic” chair design in the form of a wide seat and is therefore suitable for all types of chairs. Spectral form of Dior chairs has modern and antique features, making it a great modern accessory to contemporary rooms, even in a minimalist family house.

The chair that Queen Elisabeth was sitting on

There is no doubt about the suitability of using chairs, even in royal spaces. Queen Elisabeth, who surprised her fans, and this year, for the first time, she attended the London Fashion Week, where she was offered to sit on the latest Dior chair model, with a soft pad, of course.

Its sitting experience is unforgettable. These chairs reflect a modern lifestyle in which we get rid of excess. Minimalism is gaining popularity and is being promoted in all areas. Simplicity is accompanied by a few ultra-modern details that perfectly match the translucent Diors. These are shiny, white floors, sufficient lighting, walls and high ceilings. Do not hesitate to see where your chairs can be found in your area and get this pompous seat.

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Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions62 × 45 × 90 cm

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