If you have already experienced a celebration in the style of Louis XV, a French king and a passionate lover of art and feasts, you may know what it is about. It is graceful to enter a room where time has not only stopped, but where the present time meets the past time. Rooms decorated according to the style of this extravagant aristocrats breathe history, pomp and are modern. An inseparable part of such rooms, located in castles, chateaus or other representative spaces, are elegant chairs suitable for balls, concerts and shows.

Are you arranging a gallery, a castle restaurant or a concert room?

Whether it is a matter of any representative spaces to be arranged, they must be equipped with chairs. Fortunately, we do not live at a time when one room resembled another and the chairs in it were all alike. Although the rooms had their charm, they lacked imagination and creativity.

Today we have a choice of very large number of chairs, and we know that when we say Chiavari, we are most likely sitting at the wedding. Similarly, when we talk about Dior, we are not going to watch a movie with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, but to equip a representative room with elegant and especially translucent, almost invisible Dior chairs, which create a subtle and very spectacular atmosphere. But eventually, if we use them for a wedding in historic or vintage style, we will surely leave the impression with them too.

Gold, translucent, black and white

These colours, representing “pure luxury”, belong to the branded Dior chairs inspired by Rococo style. Yet one colour is more elegant than the other, and how noble it is to sit in these charming chairs, everyone should try it alone. Some of them have armrests, others do not, but the theatrical seating in them, if supplemented with soft seat cushions, is also comfortable. Their great advantage is that they can also withstand bad weather conditions, so if a summer concert is organized in the open air, the Dior chairs can be there.

The imagination is not limited. They can be whether transparent, in crystal, grey or brown version, since they do not visually burden the space, and can be used in smaller spaces. Their high durability, which is made from transparent polycarbonate, ensures a stable and secure seating. Let yourself be carried away by the experience of a pompous sitting in modern lightness and feel like a king for a while!